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Our Portfolio

Our subsidiaries and affiliates are engaged in a range of businesses including:


  China AgriTrade Investment Limited, a Sancus Group subsidiary, is setting up an agricultural produce distribution hub for the Haixi (Taiwan Straits West) Region which together with surrounding residential and commercial development occupy a 4.6 million sq.ft. site in Putian, Fujian.

      Haixi Agritrade Center


  Sancus Environmental Investment Limited, a Sancus subsidiary, is principally focused on green energy production by sourcing technologies such as gasification and anaerobic digestion.


  Sancus Telemedia Limited, a Sancus subsidiary, holds the worldwide IP rights of Tagtext, a social networking platform which provides users with avatars that carry their text messages.  Sancus Group was an angel investor in London-based Tagtext Limited, which developed the Tagtext service.  Tagtext was the Judges' Choice at the Under the Radar event in 2007 held at the Microsoft campus at Mountain View, California.  Tagtext subsequently ceased business as a result of dispute between the founders and Sancus Telemedia bought the worldwide IP rights.


  New Energy Asia Limited, of which Sancus Group and Sancus director Yu Jianmeng hold 33.33%, which holds the Asia licenses for the Kalina Cycle technology and 100% of New Energy Technology Resources Limited which in turn holds 50.5% of Shanghai Shenghe New Energy ("SSNE") (www.shanghaishenghe.com), the Greater China licensee of the Kalina Cycle technology for generating power from heat.  SSNE used the Kalina Cycle technology to power the Shanghai Enterprises Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo in 2010 using solar and geothermal energy and also has its own patented technologies and projects in the use of residual heat in large industrial plants in the glass, cement and petrochemical industries.


  Tech Trends Development Limited (www.ttdtld.com), in which Sancus has 47%, is the distributor for Asia and Africa for solar lighting and battery re-charger products of Denver-based Nokero (www.nokero.com). Nokero products have been certified for use in the Lighting Africa program of the United Nations. It was also cited in The Economist: www.economist.com/node/21560983.


  Sancus Eco-Cars Holdings Limited, a wholly owned Sancus subsidiary, is engaged in the development, design, manufacturing and sale of new energy cars using lithium ion batteries, state-of-the-car battery management systems and fuel cells.


  Sancus Merchandises Limited, a wholly owned Sancus subsidiary, is engaged in the sourcing of products from China and elsewhere in Asia for supply to markets too small to do its own sourcing and which rely on imports from third countries at high costs.


  West Indies Trading Limited, a subsidiary of Sancus Merchandises Limited, sources products in China and elsewhere in Asia for sale to the island terrtories of the West Indies, which have a combined population of over 40 million.



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